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Burning Skin

  • Jul. 13th, 2009 at 9:23 AM
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5.23am (Brisbane – Tuesday 14 July); 9.23am (Cinque Terra)

I got burnt today. I didn't mean to and to us it seemed like the sun didn't urn our skin as fast. I shouldn't have been so stupid about it. Honestly, how could I expect to not get burnt? I'm fair skinned; fair as Snow White. Unusually enough, only one side of my left arm got burnt.

This came about once we caught a train to Riog[???] to walk back through the five towns of Cinque Terra, back to our hotel in Monterosso. We started to walk. My left arm was facing out from the coast, to the sea. The first walk from R to Manalora[?] was easy, as was Manalora[?] to Cornila (save for the steps), but the next walk to Venzetta, dear lord! I think we were on the easy path. Yes, it's easy if you're a hiker and mountain climber. We got to Venzetta (four kilometres over one and a half hours), had an ice-cream and gave up. The map said that to go from Venzetta to Monterosso it would take two hours and it was only three kilometres in length. Obviously, it was going to be hard. So we gave up and caught the train back.

And that was that for the day. Tomorrow is beach day where I shall sunscreen up and do some editing or writing - hopefully.

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