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The "trip" to Pisa

  • Jul. 17th, 2009 at 11:20 AM
honeyelle: (new dawn/new beginning)
7.20pm (Brisbane); 11.20am (Tuscany)

We went to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I forgot. Between our two trains on Wednesday, we had a bit of a break and walked to the tower. Unfortunately, it was the hottest day we've experienced on this holiday so far; and if you've been to the tower, you'll realise that there is no shade in the tower's fenced area.

As a family, the tower wasn't as cool as the buildings around it. But also, like other tourist points, it was packed. I was more than happy to look at it from the ground and not go up on top. Anyway, what if the tower decided that was the day it was going to topple over?

Right now, I'm lazing by the pool with Beth as some Dutch or German boys play in the pool. It's rather weird looking at kids of about eight years old organising a game of tag with a ball in a different language knowing that I used to do that in English.

Mum and Dad just returned from the bus stop. They've missed the bus twice today. They were early the second time, but so was the bus. Obviously it's a sign that they shouldn't be traveling by bus today. But they picked up some fruit and veg for lunch – it's just too expensive to eat here; plus we have to notify them ahead of time, which we didn't do.

This is the holiday: lazing by the pool. (Even if it's a little noisy than it was earlier this morning.)

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