July 25th, 2009

The last of the Trip

  • Jul. 25th, 2009 at 7:14 AM
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1.14pm (Brisbane); 7.14am (Dubai)

After such a big dinner on Monday night (we ate dinner, a traditional Italian dinner with Tuscan grown vegetables, with the other guests), there was no way we were doing anything on Tuesday. Another rest day.

On Wednesday, however, we got up early, caught the seven o'clock bus, which we knew ran on time, and went to Florence – or Firenze as it's called in Italy. We were going to see David. Ann, our travel agent (do not get me started), said that we'd be able to book tickets online or over the phone while in Tuscany. No, actually, it was booked out until August sometime. We took the chance, and waited in the queue.

The queue wasn't that long. We waited for about half an hour and because we were there so early, we got straight through with the first group of people.

Everything pales in comparison to David. It is unreal. It was like the Colosseum, I could sit just staring at him for hours. If I was by myself, I probably would have. I looked at other paintings and other statues, but you just come back to David.

There wasn't anything else we wanted to see in Florence, but we came across, totally by accident, a rather nice looking church. We didn't go in, the outside was impressive enough (I don't think you could go in, anyway). Those two things are what I will remember of Firenze, and I can't be happy about it.

Thursday, being the day before Moving Day, we just chilled. I went for a swim – I wish we had a pool, but more, I think, I want to just start swimming again.

Yesterday, Friday, was the beginning of Moving Day. And as per usual, Moving Day had it issues. The bus from Anselmo turned up late, took a long route and did a couple of unusual stops along the way. Our train to Milan was an hour and ten minutes late; from what we can gather, someone hopped off the train – it wasn't going from Florence to Milan straight, it had stops on either side – and was hit. Then there was traffic on the way to the airport. We were dropped off at the wrong terminal and had to catch another bus. I don't know why the fates decided to be cruel to us on Moving Days (since Santorini to Paris, our second Moving Day), but we have not been fazed at all by it – maybe that's why – and think it's just part of the adventure.

It did pay off, though. The entire five of us were upgraded to Business Class from Milan to Dubai. I don't know if I'll be able to travel anything but Business Class from now on. It's so easy, it's so comfy and it was much easier to stay awake. And awesome noise reducing headphones and useful gifts (I found a new, must improved make-up bag) and great food. I think it was easier to stay awake because I'm back on Brisbane time. I'm trying to position myself with as little jetlag as possible.

We're waiting at Dubai International Airport, until about 10am here (two and a bit hours) for the economy flight to Sydney. I like Dubai's airport, but when a noise happens (bell, siren, alarm) it's headache enducing. There's people everywhere. I like airports, but this is not my favourite. Brisbane Domestic is familiar, safe. I long to be home.

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