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Regarding Flying

  • Jun. 25th, 2009 at 7:57 AM
honeyelle: (writing on laptop)
1.57pm (Brisbane); 7.57am (Dubai)

We decided that each of the pairs (Beth and me, Mum and Dad) would each have one person with Brisbane time on their watches (for medications and the such) and one person with local time. I have Brisbane time on my watch, but feel like I should buy a cheap one just for this holiday so I know what the local time is – especially for Beaune.

We landed in Dubai at about 5.15am this morning (Dubai time). I didn't realise Dubai's airport was so large. And rather beautiful. Boo has been taking pictures – not too many though, since we're not stopping here I don't think its worth too much of my camera's memory.

I don't like flying. Actually, no; I do like flying. I like flying short distances. I like flying when I don't get headaches. I like flying when I don't have to stop and connect to another flight to get to my destination. This is my second stop. From Brisbane to Sydney. Sydney to Dubai. We're then going from here, Dubai, to Athens – taking our luggage through customs – and then going from Athens to Santorini. It's a long time. About twenty-four hours on a plane over a thirty hour period. I like flying, but this is insane. I just want to get to the holiday.

(There's not enough water. I didn't get nearly enough water on the Emirates flight and the service to get water took forever – I fell asleep once waiting for someone to bring me water. I'm just thirsty constantly and I can't get a bottle as we'd have to change currency and it'd cost a fortune then.)

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