Getting to Santorini

  • Jun. 27th, 2009 at 8:19 AM
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3.19pm (Brisbane); 8.19am (Santorini)

I am rested, I am well. I am not in the least bit hungry or tired. We're in our villa on the side of the cliff in Santorini. It doesn't look exactly like the view that was in the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, but I know Beth's happy and that's the point. (It was her Europe holiday choice.)

I'm going to interrupt myself and just say that the fog cleared then reappeared. Unless you've been on Santorini, you may not understand. It took a whole minute for it to: disappear, and we could see some of the other peninsula's of the island, and then it came back just as fast, hiding them from view again.

It's an unreal feeling, thinking that I'm in another country, another continent. When people ask if I've been to Europe, I usually say that I've been London and EuroDisney. I haven't been to Europe. I haven't seen Greece or true France or Italy. I haven't been. So now, I'm in Europe. It's unreal. And it feels like I was meant to be here the entire time. At the moment (8.32am), Beth is standing at the end of our little courtyard (tiny, tiny courtyard) and she looks like she's supposed to be here. Beth and I weren't made for Australia.

Our flight was delayed last night to Santorini. It meant that we didn't eat until 11.00pm – super late for us considering we usually eat at 5.00pm. We'll have to get used to it I suppose; supposedly everything is closed from 2pm-6pm for siesta. Because our flight was delayed we stayed in the airport longer than we wanted to. It baffled us to no end that people we smoking inside the airport. That they smoke in coffee houses, that they smoke wherever they wanted. It got to the point that we thought we'd just sit at our gate and wait, because, generally, people aren't smoking there.

We went to our gate and as soon as we looked up, they changed the gate. A different gate. A gate outside the security checkpoint. On a wild goose chase, we trailed up some stairs and found another security checkpoint, we just had to ask if we could walk through. They seemed okay with it. I think maybe they didn't understand English so well, but we got out, checked every board we came across making sure that the gate didn't change again. Finally we went through another security check – a more through security check where Dad got padded down and I was asked to open my laptop lid. We sat, I slept on the plane and then we got a cab (you just have to trust they aren't going to hit anybody, human or machine). They truly have winding stairs and we walked down them with our suitcases, we found reception, got put in our room - (Oh, you can't flush toilet paper down the toilet on Santorini. I'm not sure if that's all of Greece or just here, but it's a weird thing not to do.) - ate some pizza and fell asleep.

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