Walking Day

  • Jun. 28th, 2009 at 7:37 AM
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2.37pm (Brisbane); 7.37am (Santorini)

No one every mentions or reminds you that Santorini is actually an island. It comes with all sorts of island like things. The most obvious, and irritating, one this morning is the breeze. Gosh, is it cold! And when you think about it, of course Santorini will be cold at times. The breeze is unbelievable. It's scared Mum and Beth into not going to Kamari where Ancient Thira's ruins are.

I was hoping to catch up last night, but I think this might become my routine: journaling while having breakfast. I wanted to do it each night so I don't miss or forget anything, but I'm just exhausted. So while eating my Special K with milk (a rather large accomplishment since I'm very picky about milk), I've been thinking what I'm writing today.

Yesterday, I got my dream hat. No, that was not the most impressive thing I did. It is, however, a very awesome hat. We walked to Fira, a good twenty-five minute walk, and had a look around the shops. I found the type of charm I'd like for my bracelet, a Greek design charm (the Greek design looks similar to Ancient Egypt design), because I don't think I could find a charm of anything I've seen. Beth also found a birthday gift – Greek design earrings.

We came back to Sunny Villas, exhausted, jumped in the pool – which was freezing because the sun hadn't warmed it up yet – and then sat and watch the view for a while.

At about five o'clock, six o'clock, Beth and I decided to follow the path along the cliff face in front of our villa. I had to hold Beth's hand for some of the time as the path got rather close to the cliff and I'm rather scared of heights. On the other side of the peak is an abandoned church. It gave me an idea for a ghost story, but it was rather beautiful. There is also a lookout (I think), however, Beth and I took the lower path. I want to go back along it and up to the lookout; it gives an uninterrupted view of the ocean and the other islands.

Coming back to the villa was really hard. I don't believe I am that unfit; golly, was I panting and feeling the blood rush to my head when I sat down with Mum and Dad. I think it's a bit left over from my head-cold a week and a half ago – I couldn't walk up and down our stairs without being short of breath. Beth and I jumped in the pool again.

Dinner was a mess. The meal itself was fine, even a little salty, but dinner really isn't necessary for us. Especially not when we're eating at 8.30, 9.00pm. We don't eat that late and are really not that hungry that late. But we're not hungry at five o'clock or six o'clock when we'd usually eat dinner at home. We're just going to skip out on dinner.

All in all, a good walking day. No souvenirs and no shirts, but a good walking day.

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